Hike into a misty Vijlenerbos in Vijlen (The Netherlands)

My first post on the internet concerning photography. When I started with my photography journey some years ago I never thought of writing about it or sharing my photographs on the internet.

For me photography is in the first place personal. It is a great means to experience and connect with the world around us and of course preserve memories of those outings.

In particular, this time of age where everything has to be aimed at speed, productivity, being better, faster etc. etc…, the danger is present to loose that connection with nature. When photographing I take my time observing those little pieces of nature. It slows you down and gives the opportunity to realy see and connect with what happens in front of you.

I have created a lot of photographs during all those phototrips and hope to make more in the years to come. I will use this website and posts like a jounal. When I have time I’ll write some more about my phototrips. Let see what this will bring in the future!

There is no harm in sharing the photographs. Perhaps these photographs will inspire somebody to go out and connect with the beautiful world around us. And of course If somebody likes a photograph, he or she can always comment on the post or contact me for prints or other photographic services.

Now let’s go back into time to start with the journal and introduce one of my photowalks.

On October 23rd I planned to get up early to witness a beautiful sunrise at Epen (The Netherlands). However there was no beautiful sunrise. Instead it was a misty and gloomy morning. So I decided to go to the Vijlenerbos ( a beautiful forest nearby) to create some misty forest images.

I do like misty / foggy forests a lot. It gives a lot of atmosphere to the photographs. There was not a lot of mist left when I found this composition, but I always say: Except what nature gives you.

Shot with my favourite lens: Fuji 35mm F2.

All content and photographs are (C) Copyright Ruud Maas. All Rights Reserved.

By Ruud Maas

maas.photos woodland-, landscape- and street-photography

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