More autumnal colours in Vijlenerbos

Yes on the 6th of November I went back to the Vijlenerbos to shoot some more woodland images with autumnal colours.

This time, the autumn colours were just past their peak. A lot of leafs already fell on the ground, but still a lot of trees did held on to their beautiful coloured leafs. The weather was fine. Cloudy and almost no wind. Just an occasional light breeze. Every few minutes sun rays penetrated the forest. So for all the compositions it was a waiting game to get the wanted exposures, without blowing out the highlights.

This time I planned to walk a bit longer to explore and get some different looks of this beautiful forest. First, I wanted to make a more intimate image of the forest. Then, I wanted to visit a part of the forest where mainly pines and larches grow to get an image of pines and larches surrounded with that autumnal golden bracken. And finally, I had planned to go to a place at the south-east edge of the forest. I visited that place some years ago and with the light at hand it was possibly an interesting place to shoot a side lit scene of straight pines. But as always you can only record what nature presents you at that moment.

The composition of the gnarly tree with the yellow leafs is more or less backlit. If you really go into the centre of some parts of this forest you have a big chance to shoot intimate images like this. For me this scene was interesting because of autumnal colours, the backlight and the gnarly form of the branches.

I had to shoot the scene of the larches and pines surrounded with green and beautiful brown golden bracken with the tripod at its biggest height. This way after cropping it to 16:9 I could get an image without the distracting bright sky. It was very wet between that green and golden bracken. Next time I do have to wear some gaiters.

The last composition was, as planned, at the edge of the forest. After a long walk I spotted a slender silver birch that still held on to its yellow leafs at the side of the trail. A beautiful side lit scene with a contrasting backdrop of deep dark pines.

It is always difficult to photograph the autumnal colours when only the weekends are an option to go out on a photo walk. Next time, all those beautiful autumnal colours will be gone, because heavy rain and storm is on its way.

I did spotted some new compositions to go back to when the conditions are more suitable (like mist and rain). I almost hiked for 7 miles.

All images are shot with my favourite lens Fujifilm 35mm f2. Which photograph do you like the most? For me it is the scene with the slender silver birch. I will make a print of this image. I’m pleased to hear your comments.

All content and photographs are (C) Copyright Ruud Maas. All Rights Reserved.

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