A wet wet photo walk in Bois de la Julienne

The day before November the 13th I checked the weather forecast. There was only a lot of rain predicted in the whole region. I decided to do a photo walk in a forest nearby home in Belgium.

The forest with the name Bois de la Julienne is situated in Argenteau (Belgium), which is a 10 minutes drive from my home. It is not a big forest. Is has a lot of steep trails. In the weekend a lot of locals do practise their favourite sport in the forest, mainly trail running or mountain biking. I used to run in that forest but now if possible I prefer to take the mountain bike for a spin.

Back to the photo walk. To my surprise there were still a lot of autumnal colours. The storm and rain of the last days did not had a lot of impact. Still a lot of trees did wear their colourful leaves. I decided to take my traditional route trough the most western part of the forest this in search for new compositions.

The first stop was at a little waterfall nearby the parking-lot. All that rain formed a little waterfall coming from the higher parts of the forest. Because I had the 35mm lens on the camera and I did not wanted to change to the 16mm lens due to the heavy rain it was difficult to get a suitable composition. It is a place to go back to when the weather is more favourable.

On my walk to the local stream I discovered a colourful scene on the side of the trail. A fallen tree in the scene had green leaves that really contrasted with the surrounding autumnal colours. I do like the contrasting green colours. Next time I do have to work more on the composition.

Then I went to a favourite place at the stream to try and make a better photograph of a scene I shot already. It is the scene with the stream and a little bridge at the far end. The colourful leaves on the trees do make the scene to busy for my liking. I do have a photograph of the scene during spring. The wild garlic and all that green leaves in spring do make the scene more beautiful. I also took a lot of shots of the wider scene to create in post a panorama.

There was still no end to the rain so I decided to put the camera in my camera-backpack and to explore the rest of the western part of the forest for new compositions.

In spring this tear on the highest part of the forest I shot an image of a beautiful woodland scene full of wild garlic and lush green leaves, but now the forest floor at that place was not interesting enough to take any image. I decided to give it a call and to go back to the car. Sometimes you do not find any interesting subjects or scenes to take an image of. But today it was all about the experience and practice to getting more knowledge of the forest.

For my return to the car I took the trail on the higher part of the forest. There I shot the last image of the photo walk. A view at a lot of trees still wearing their colourful leaves.

This time no candidate image for my portfolio but images of a “wet wet” photo walk in a forest still wearing its autumnal colours. A comment on the post is as always appreciated.

All content and photographs are (C) Copyright Ruud Maas. All Rights Reserved.

By Ruud Maas

maas.photos woodland-, landscape- and street-photography

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