Winter woodland scenes at Baraque Michel

As planned on the 11th of December I went for my regular photo walk to the Baraque Michel (Belgium). Only a 40minutes drive from home. According to the weather forecast there would be snow and possibly some fog. Perfect conditions to create some black and white woodland photographs.

At the top of the Baraque Michel it was snowing and there was thick fog. The visibility was on average only 10 meters. Difficult circumstances to get some decent images. I hiked for almost 7 miles and found along the route interesting compositions to photograph. The thick fog did simplify the scenery a lot.

It was really difficult to hike. The trails were packed with wet snow. Sometimes the trails were even not visible. On the Baraque Michel there is a lot of boggy land with little streams that cross the trails. When the trails are packed with snow you can easily step into a little, but deep stream without seeing it. I was prepared for this. I did wear my watertight hiking shoes and pants.

I more or less stayed on the trails. But with some compositions I had to wade trough knee high snow to come even close to some beautiful winter woodland compositions. I had anticipated on these circumstances and had put on my Fujifilm 50mm F2 lens on my XT3. Due to the weather it was not advisable to changes lenses.

Using a one lens setup does make photography more easy. Simply there are no other options available. After a short time your vision is tuned with the focal length you are using. Not one moment I think about another lens. To my experience with one lens setup you are more focused to get the composition right in camera. I use a Benro geared head on my tripod that makes fine tuning the composition even more easy.

Here is a selection of the black and white photographs of this photo walk. I focused on some foggy winter woodland scenes. Baraque Michel is definitely a place to visit and regular to come back to.

Would like to know which of the photographs you like the most. I’am curious to read the comments. Subscribe if you are interested on more posts of my photo walks.

All content and photographs are (C) Copyright Ruud Maas. All Rights Reserved.

By Ruud Maas woodland-, landscape- and street-photography

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