Family holidays in Romania

For the past 21 years we always have our family holidays in Romania, because my wifes family lives in Romania. We always stay at the small farm of my mother in law. The small village is called Jobbagytelke in Hungarian and Sambrias in the Romanian language. The village is situated in the Transalvanian region (hart) of Romania.

In 2020 due to the pandemic we did not go. 2021 almost looked the same. But just before Christmas time the situation in Romania was normal so we decided to go to Jobbagytelke for Christmas and New Year.

A long time ago we were once in Romania during winter time. Hoping to experience real winter conditions in the Transylvanian country. But that year it was an exceptional warm winter. Meaning there was no Snow. The day we had to come back to the Netherlands it began to snow, speaking of luck.

This Year at arrival there was some snow, so I had my hopes up when possible to do some winter photo walks. But the main goal as always during our holidays is to have quality time with our family. Unfortunately we had only the first few days of our stay some snow in the village. At higher altitudes in the beautiful mountains of the Hargita region (Bucin) there was snow. So the children still had their ski-fun.

I did do some short photo outings during our stay. In a next post I will publish some photographs. But without snowy conditions.

All content and photographs are (C) Copyright Ruud Maas. All Rights Reserved.

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