Mist and woodland Hodosa Romania

I have been waiting for this opportunity for a lot of years. Normally we have our main holiday in Romania at summer. During Summer the change of fog or mist in the vicinity of Jobbágytelke and Hodosa is almost zero. So, our winter holiday could give more possibilities for a misty woodland photo shoot. By the way Jobbágytelke, where we normally stay during our vacation, is part of the municipal Hodosa.

I also made some photographs during sunset in summertime of this location but it does not show the beautiful slender forms of the trees like in winter and in summer there was no mist.

But now after some days of melting snow there was a lot of mist. A lot of mud made it difficult to get to that beautiful place in Hodosa near Jobbágytelke. It is a large meadow with sparsley spread beautifully shaped trees. The farmers use it to graze the cows and sheep. At this moment (wintertime) no animals where at the meadow.

At the beginning of the shoot the mist was too thick so I had to wait quit a long time to find and create some interesting compositions of those beautiful trees and landscape.

I have chosen to process the photographs in black and white. It emphasizes the look and feel I had envisioned before taking the photographs. I made some single shots and some panoramas. Would like to hear which photograph you like the most. I will also put some of these photographs on my Flickr-page (https://www.flickr.com/photos/ruud-maas/ ). There photographs can be seen in higher resolution.

I hope to shoot sometime with similar misty conditions during our stay in summer.

All content and photographs are (C) Copyright Ruud Maas. All Rights Reserved.

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