Infrared photography at Castle of Eijsden

Sometimes I evaluate what I have photographed. Not only to check if I can see some changes in what I like to take images of, but also to reflect on the reason(s) why I do like photography. Yes for now I have a preference for taking images of “woodland/nature scenes”.

If it is during cycling or hiking, I do like to take images of the scenes I come across and really like. For me it is like documenting my experiences of being in nature. Yes, I do revisit scenes to improve on the already taken photographs, but only with the goal to capture the specific scene at its best and/or to document the changes in time.

Nature does change with the seasons. But also after the heavy storms of last month in our region (February 2022). A lot of woodland has been damaged. At some locations big trees have fallen. So, woodland scenes I did take photographs of some time ago are completely changed. I heard the storm had damaged some big trees at the castle of Eijsden. So, I planned to visit the castle of Eijsden.

After some weeks of bad weather the past two weekends we got some beautiful sunny days. For normal woodland photography in the visible light not great conditions. But for infrared photography it is the best. Infrared photography is perfect in sunny conditions. Specially when the sunlight hits the subject(s) to be photographed with an angle of 90 degrees. I prefer to take infrared images with a 720nm infrared filter. The filter blocks all the light beneath 720nm from the sensor of the camera (all the ultraviolet and visible light).

I’m happy to be the owner of a full spectrum converted Fujifilm XT-2 camera. With this camera I can take infrared images at normal shutter speeds. With an on-converted camera you can only do infrared photography with long shutter speeds. That is not great in windy conditions.

Infrared light does give a different more dramatic look to the scenes photographed and sometimes, depending on the subject and composition, a creepy dreamy atmosphere. In post processing I tend to colour grade my monochrome infrared photographs. The warm colour does contribute to the atmosphere of the photograph.

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All content and photographs are (C) Copyright Ruud Maas. All Rights Reserved.

By Ruud Maas woodland-, landscape- and street-photography

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