Woodland in colour or monochrome

The 11th of June I did a photo walk in the Groote Bosch. Again, to explore some more new scenes in this woodland.

The weather forcast indicated cloudy weather, but that was completely incorrect. Again, it was a warm and sunny day. So, chances for getting a good photograph were not high. But, all in all, it was good weather for hiking.

After 1 hour I found an interesting woodland scene. The light was harsh, so I had to wait it out for about a half hour to take the photograph in more favourable light. During this time I explored the scene more and I made a lot of small alterations to the composition.

I like this composition a lot. The positioning of the foreground, midground and background and the light in the background creates depth in the photograph. It also creates the illusion of being in the scene. I shot this image with my Fujfilm XT3 and the 35mm f2 lens.

To my believe this scene also has a lot of photographic potential in autumn. Now, during summer, everything is very green. Autumnal colours can make a big difference to the composition. I have marked this scene to be revisited in autumn.

In this short post I have included a colour and a black and white version of the photograph.

I would like to hear from you which version you like the most.

Groote Bosch Slenaken (Netherlands)
Groote Bosch Slenaken (Netherlands)

I find summer the most difficult time of the year to create compelling woodland photographs. Especially now that the weather conditions are not favourable for photography. This year we are blessed with bleu skies and a lot of sun.

For me summer is mainly a time to explore new locations for new compositions and to have fun hikes in these beautiful woodlands. But, as always, I hope to have the pleasure of shooting in rainy/ foggy conditions in comming photo walks.

Time is an important factor to get good images. My experience is that revisting scenes can realy improve your photographs. But, unlike still life photography in woodland photography you do not have full control of the weather, the lighting and the subjects of the composition.

At the time of writing this post we have a heatwave on our hands. So this weekend outdoor activities are limited.

All content and photographs are (C) Copyright Ruud Maas. All Rights Reserved.

One reply to “Woodland in colour or monochrome

  1. I really like what you’ve done here and how you have caught the composition. It is a hard decision but I think I like the Black & White version more, it just lures you in and want to explore further into the woodland!


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