Photowalk in Hertogenwald

Saturday the 25th of June, I was back in the beautiful forest nearby Eupen called Hertogenwald. The weather forecast was favourable for woodland photography (100% high clouds and little to no wind). But again, this time the reality was different. There were a lot of sunny spells and wind gusts.

I made a long hike in a part of the forest I have been before. Looking for new scenes to photograph. Altough the conditions for woodland photography were not optimal, I was glad to be back in this part of the forest. It is a tranquil and beautiful place. This part of the forest is designated as a Nature 2000 nature park. I hope this will preserve its natural character over time.

The trees and shrubs grow close to each other. Although there are some open spots close to the trail, that present some photographic opportunities. This part of the forest has a lot of hight differences. It is possible to get an interesting backdrop without any disturbing sky creaping in the compostion.

There is also a little mountain stream. This time there was not a lot of water. Most parts of the little stream were deminished to a collection of little water pools. With all those greens, the sunny spells and the lack of water it was not easy to make an image with some big reflections in the water.

In this post I also include two images of a tree scape. The form and combination of all the trees do make it interesting compostions. With some fog and/or heavy rain, the seperation between the trees in the foreground and the background will be better.

I hope to revisit all these locations with misty/foggy/rainy conditions, and of course in autumn and winter to improve on the photographs. I have noted all the locations for my upcoming visits.

All content and photographs are (C) Copyright Ruud Maas. All Rights Reserved.

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