Back in the Vijlenerbos

During family holidays in Romania past August, I did not take a lot of photographs. My main focus was on rest, sports, good food, friends and family. Yes I took several shots of the old dilapidated houses in our village Hodosa/Simbrias (Romania), a family meeting and the dog of grandmother. The most of those photographs will stay private. If after processing the images of the dilapidated houses are to my liking, I’ll post them.

During the first weeks back at home in the Netherlands the weather was not inviting to do some woodland photography. Also, there were a lot of odd jobs to do at home. It is good to have a break now and then from photography. During those weeks I think a lot about my photography preferences. My main focus is still capturing the beauty of nearby woodland scenes. Perhaps in the near future I’ll do some more portrait and still life photography.

Saturday the 17th of September I was glad to be back in the Vijlenerbos. My goal was to explore an unknown part of that forest. I had no expectations in finding interesting compositions to photograph. My main goal was to hike in the forest and have a good time. The weather forecast though was perfect for woodland photography. I had to use the umbrella a lot. Also there were some sunny spells.

The first signs of autumn are already present in this forest. The ferns and bracken are getting their beautiful golden brown colours. Some trees also wear some yellow leaves. Here in our region we had a long hot and dry period during the summer. Possibly, this will speed up the arrival of the autumn colours.

I toke several compositions of small scenes. My favourite of that morning hike is featured in this post. I like the painterly look of this complex woodland scene. My starting point for processing the image in Capture One pro is the filmsimulation Fujifilm Classic Chrome. All images are shot with my trusted Fujifilm XT3 and the 35mm F2 lens.

I also took a detail shot of a wet leave. Mostly, I try to capture a bigger woodland scene. The raindrops on that leave triggered my interest.

The coming weeks I have plans to visit this beautiful forest several times to witness the changing of the season and to shoot some beautiful autumnal woodland scenes.

All content and photographs are (C) Copyright Ruud Maas. All Rights Reserved.

By Ruud Maas woodland-, landscape- and street-photography

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