Winter moments in the Eijsder Beemden

These last years I have visited the Eijsder Beemden a lot. Although this small nature park close to home has not changed a lot, weather conditions can alter photographic opportunities drastically. However, in winter time, gloomy weather is main stream.

The location is close to my home and therefore offers easy and fast access. This way I can easily improve on several compositions when weather conditions are more favourable or experiment some more in shooting black and white and/or infrared images.

In this short post I have enclosed some favourite black and white photographs of my latest visit.

All images are shot with the Fujifilm XT3 and the Fujifilm 35mm F2 lens. I have edited the images with Capture one Pro, the Fujifilm Monochrome + red filter filmsimulation selected.

I hope you like the images.

Please feel free to leave some comments.

All content and photographs are (C) Copyright Ruud Maas. All Rights Reserved.

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