Eijsden at night – take 2

Last photo-walk I focused on doing some night-photography in our village. This time I revisited my favourite location in Eijsden to do some long exposure night photography.

The effect of a long exposure is that moving subjects look blurred on the photograph. The positive aspect of it is that people moving in the scene become more or less unrecognizable in the final image. Their privacy is therefore absolutely respected. In the photograph only a hint of human presence is shown..

It is like ghosts are passing by in the scene. To me it makes the photograph more dynamic en interesting to look at. The effect of blurring the subject gives a kind of attractive and secretive feel to the image.

This outing I used my old Nikon D3200 camera with the 35mm F1.8 lens. This camera is not a mirror-less camera so I did not get any real time feedback on lighting and composition while shooting the scene. By using a f-stop of 5.6 I did get exposure-times of up to 10 seconds. Timing was crucial to get compositions I really like.

Because a mirorr-less camera gives an instant feedback of the result it is more easy to create long exposures with the main subject well composed and enough lit. Next time I will have my trusted Fujfilm XT-3 with me.

I hope you like the images

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All content and photographs are (C) Copyright Ruud Maas. All Rights Reserved.

By Ruud Maas

maas.photos woodland-, landscape- and street-photography

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