Shop windows Maastricht

Last photowalk in Maastricht I experimented with the concept of taking images of shop windows containing reflections of people passing by.

This photo walk I wanted to explore this idea some more, so I headed again to Maastricht. One positive of all these photowalks in Maastricht is that I get more and more knowledge of places in Maastricht where you have interesting scenes to do some streetphotography.

Shop windows containing reflections of people passing by, to me, is an interesting subject to photograph. It feels less intrusive to me. But strangely enough the people involved are also taking interest in me taking the images. Perhaps they ask themselves: why is he taking a photograph of a shop window? what is he looking at? Luckily they are not aware of the fact that I am trying to make a composition with them included in the image. Mostly I only get a silhouette of them in the photograph. So, the person can simply not be recognized.

In the centre of Maastricht you do have a lot of small shops with nicely decorated shop windows. These are also an interesting subject itself. Mainly because of the way the products (mostly clothes and shoes in Maastricht) are lit. So, I also shot some images without the reflections op people.

This time I also processed the photographs in colour starting with the Fujifilm film simulation “Eterna Cinema”.

For the next photowalk that I will do in the city, I will explore this concept some more. It is another view of the city.

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By Ruud Maas woodland-, landscape- and street-photography

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