Infrared photography Eijsder Beemden

Here in the south of the Netherlands, March 2022 has until now been blessed with sunny weather. For normal woodland and landscape photography not my favourable conditions. But for monochrome infrared photography it has a lot of potential for taking interesting photographs.

In the last post I presented some photographs taken at the castle of Eijsden. After some photowalks at the castle of Eijsden I went several times to the Eijsder Beemden. A little piece of nature close to the river Maas in Eijsden. It only takes a short bike ride from home.

Last years I have often visited the Eijsder Beemden. This for getting enough images for my photo book project. So, I do really know the photographic potential of this piece of nature. But that does not mean that all lighting circumstances do result in photographs to my liking. As with “normal light photography” also with infrared photography cloudless blue skies are not so interesting.

Monochrome Infrared photography does give an extra dimension to the search for interesting compositions. With the film simulation on my converted Fujifilm XT 2 set on “Monochome +R filtre” The Eijsder Beemden looks really “different” on the screen or viewfinder. It is like looking at a film negative.

Because spring has yet to come to the Eijsder Beemden the trees do not have green leaves and the grass and weats are barren and brown of colour. That glow of the greens you can get with infrared photography is still not present in the photographs.

I did revisit a location I have already photographed a lot of times (the photograph at the top of this post). I still hope to get some better lighting and cloud conditions next time to improve on that photograph. At post processing I colour-graded the images.

All content and photographs are (C) Copyright Ruud Maas. All Rights Reserved.

By Ruud Maas woodland-, landscape- and street-photography

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